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ZX Hoists

Fifth Generation Hoisting


ZX hoists are specifically designed to meet the challenging requirements for precision lifting and moving beyond the millennium.


The innovative ZX design is the result of a rigorous analysis of customers future expectations plus the application of the most advanced crane technology together with 50 years experience of crane making ZX technology provides a new level of performance and productivity through applied value engineering. Inevitably, a hoist designed to meet the needs of industry beyond the year 2000 must provide an excellent solution in terms of the price / performance ratio and ZX certainly meets this demanding criteria.


Excellent quality and outstanding safety in design and construction are the hallmarks of Street Crane products. It is, therefore, not surprising that ZX hoists incorporate a series of significant new safety features. The level of safety on standard models is such that a number of basic components (the failure of which on competitor hoists would be catastrophic) fail to safety on ZX. For example, the hoist brake operates on the second hoist reduction shaft giving fail to safety on all components in the motor and first reduction lines. The hoist motor can even be completely removed without releasing the load.


Naturally all components are manufactured to the highest quality standards in a modern purpose built plant using advanced production methods.

ZX Hoist by Street Crane UK
10t ZX8 Hoist by Street Crane UK
ZX86 Hoist by Street Crane UK
25t ZX86 Hoist by Street Crane UK
ZX86-8 Hoist by Street Crane UK
12t ZX6-8 Hoist by Street Crane UK
ZX double girder
ZX Double girder, vertical lift hoist up to 50t - by Street Crane UK

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